shigeru kawai piano


Shigeru Kawai Pianos

Shigeru Kawai was born more than a hundred years ago, in a humble workshop in Japan, Koichi Kawai embarked on a spiritual journey, with the desire to design and manufacture a piano that one day would be called. “the excellent” A generation later, this dream burned brightly in Shigeru Kawai’s heart.

For Shigeru, the dream represented not only his origins, but also his destiny – an unstoppable force that would launch him into a lifelong pursuit of perfection.

At the Shigeru piano, you will not only see his work and his passion, but his entire life.

The rigorous degree of handwork and the use of specially chosen materials keep these instruments rare in character as well as quantity.

Each Shigeru piano is a Limited Edition treasure, born to fulfill the artist’s lifelong dreams.

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