Bosendorfer Piano with 10 years warranty and transport included. It is not an exaggeration to say that Bosendorfer pianos are the most desired pianos in the world. These magnificent pieces are built by craftsmen exclusively dedicated to their meticulous creation, as if it were a Renaissance sculpture.

One of the things that characterize Bösendorfer is the inclusion of several additional keys in the lower part of the bass. The 290 long tail model has 97 keys instead of the usual 88, and the 225 cm tail has 92 keys. These extra keys (I speak knowingly) are a real headache for tuners, as due to their extremely low frequency they are very difficult to tune. It’s not that they’re really needed either, since they’re not really played, and they’re there to increase the size of the piano cabinet with the consequent gain in the size of the harp, soundboard and strings, which translates into better performance such as Greater projection and sound power.

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