pianos digitales

Digital Pianos:
The best Digital Pianos at a great price: Kawai, Yamaha, available in stock at Royal Pianos Shop.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Royal Pianos is a specialist piano shop reknowned for its quality of acoustic pianos, professionalism and experience. We always put our customers first. Sometimes we are asked to supply a digital piano and we have decided to make your purchase of a digital piano a financial investment unlike other retailers. We will give you back all of your money if you exchange your digital piano bought from us for any acoustic piano no matter how long you keep it. No other retailer will offer you this opportunity because digital pianos do not hold their value unlike acoustic pianos.

Plus with Royal Pianos you have a real shop with real people who are passionate about pianos and who can also demonstrate them . Also unlike others, we have professional movers who will install your digital piano and set it up in your own home. We will also guarantee our digital pianos for five years.

Therefore with over twenty years experience, we are committed to our customers, and so before you look at other retailers who buy in bulk and sell online, take note of why we will not be beaten for personal service and owning a digital piano for investment purposes.