pianos de ocasión


About our used pianos and second-hand pianos:
We have a team of qualified technicians, which means that buying a used piano minimizes the risks inherent in the purchase of any second-hand product.

Why? What are the differences with the other used pianos or pianos offered by other companies? We can summarize in three points the main characteristics that differentiate us from our competition and that make a used piano guarantee the same satisfaction as a new piano.

1) Each piano is SELECTED by our technical staff. In some cases they are RE-CONDITIONED or simply in their original condition they are 100% revised.

2) A GUARANTEE CERTIFICATE is delivered, which will allow you to enjoy the expert after-sales technical service we offer.

3) Each second-hand piano includes a RE-PURCHASE CLAUSE for the same amount and without a time limit for upgrading to a higher category piano.